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Beekmantown, 1822

Ownership of the Upper Mills, (and land known today as Philipsburg Manor) once belonged to British sympathizer Frederick Philipse the third, who fled America after the Revolution. The families vast holdings were confiscated and eventually sold off piece by piece. The Mills were purchased by Gerard G. Beekman Jr. a prominent New York businessman. The... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Tarrytown, 1880

Published in 1880 to coincide with the centenary of the capture of Major André in September, 1780, this slight volume of just 24 pages, laid out a brief history of the village, focusing on the dramatic events of September 23rd. The volume came with a reproduction map 'of Tarrytown as it was one hundred years... Continue Reading →

Ticket for the American Freedom Train, 1976

To celebrate the Bicentennial, the American Freedom Train was created, with 10 display cars pulled by steam engine, touring all the contiguous States. The train was filled with such treasures as the original Louisiana Purchase, Judy Garland's dress from the Wizard of Oz, Martin Luther King Jr.'s pulpit, George Washington's personal copy of the Constitution,... Continue Reading →

Washington Irving’s Funeral

The funeral service for the writer who shaped much of Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow's identity was held at Christ Church, Tarrytown in December, 1859. The illustration appeared on the front page of Harper's Weekly, December 17th. Irving died of a heart attack, aged 76, in his bedroom at Sunnyside. Legend has it his last words... Continue Reading →

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