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Wolfert’s Roost, 1855

1855 edition of Wolfert's Roost by Washington Irving generously donated by author Neil Cohen. Wolfert's Roost tells the story of Irving's home Sunnyside which began almost 200 years before he lived there with Wolfert Acker, a Dutch-American inhabitant of the region. His property, Wolfert's Roost, was part of the Manor of Philipsburg. Among other buildings, Wolfert's Roost contained... Continue Reading →

LSH publication by Sleepy Hollow Press 1974

The first page of the LSH. The only existing manuscript known, property of the New York Public Library The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, copyright 1974 published by Sleepy Hollow Restorations, Inc. with Felix O.C Darley colorized illustrations. Darley was the first to illustrate The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in 1848.

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