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John Buckhout and Mary Buckhout 

To judge by his grave stone inscription, John Buckhout was noted both for his longevity (living to the age of 103) and for his progeny (240 children and grandchildren). Mathematics-minded historians have calculated that to arrive at such a number, Buckhout’s 14 children must have averaged 17 children each; they have concluded that 240 must... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Guion

Died 1775 This small, roughly hewn field stone stone marks the grave of Elizabeth Guion, infant daughter of Amon and Sara Cranckheit Guion. It is one of the oldest surviving memorials in the burying ground, erected at a time when it is not uncommon for pieces of local stone to be used as burial markers.... Continue Reading →

Jemima Smith

 b. 1752- d. September 2, 1834, age 82  Jemima Smith, the wife of Rev. Thomas Smith was known in her days as a wise, but eccentric woman of fierce voice and independence. She became known as “cantankerous Jemima” for her truthful outspokenness, a rare quality in a woman of her day. Never content in the... Continue Reading →

Reverend Thomas G. Smith

( b. 1755- d. April 10, 1837, aged 82) Reverend Smith was the Pastor of The Old Dutch Church when The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was published in 1820, making the Church famous. The only known minister buried in these grounds, Smith originally hailed from Scotland, and was well known in those times for his... Continue Reading →

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