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Van Tassel Farm/Mott Tavern

The land upon which the The Landmark Condominiums sit at 18 North Broadway in Tarrytown, have a long and storied history, playing a large part in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. In the late 1600 or early 1700's to the 1770's, A modest house once stood on this land which was part of a 165... Continue Reading →

Pierson’s Greenhouse 1880s

Today it is the Chase bank on the corner of Broadway and McKeel, but once upon a time this building was an elaborate and beautiful Greenhouse belonging to a very prominent Tarrytown resident, Frank R. Pierson. Pierson was born in 1855 and rose to become a florist and businessman becoming one of the largest importers... Continue Reading →

The Gravestone of Mother Hulda

August 15th, 2019 a remarkable thing happened in the Burying ground of The Old Dutch Church. A woman named Hulda who once known as "The Witch of Sleepy Hollow" was finally given a headstone after 200 years of being hidden away within its gates. Hulda came to Sleepy Hollow in the 1770's and lived in... Continue Reading →

Unearthed Remnants of the Main Café

Recent renovations to the closed down laundromat on the corner of Main and John Streets unearthed a formerly hidden of relic of bygone Tarrytown social life. Workers on the new restaurant planned to occupy the former laundromat which closed several years ago discovered two beautiful signs above the window frames. One, a rusted blue and... Continue Reading →

Peek-a-boo Apartment Raided, June 17, 1919

100 years ago today, the "Peek-a-Boo" apartments were raided by the plain clothes police chief of Tarrytown and a one "Mame Kaiser" was arrested and banished from Tarrytown for running the disorderly house by Justice Armstrong. Two of her girls were also arrested and released with the warning not to be seen unaccompanied on the... Continue Reading →

Birdsall’s Furniture Trade Card

E.H. Birdsall's was a furniture emporium in the late 19th century. Found at the lower end of Main Street, near where the old depot could be found, they specialized as a 'general furnishing undertaker', providing 'hearses and coaches at short notice', making their advertising image of a young child playing dominos in a high chair,... Continue Reading →

Beekmantown, 1822

Ownership of the Upper Mills, (and land known today as Philipsburg Manor) once belonged to British sympathizer Frederick Philipse the third, who fled America after the Revolution. The families vast holdings were confiscated and eventually sold off piece by piece. The Mills were purchased by Gerard G. Beekman Jr. a prominent New York businessman. The... Continue Reading →

The Dean House

For a short time, Main Street was known as Post Office Hill because the Post Office was located at the bend of the Hill in a small house owned by a Veteran of the American Revolution. Sergeant John Dean became postmaster in Tarrytown Shortly after 1800 and remained so until he died in 1817. His... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Tarrytown, 1880

Published in 1880 to coincide with the centenary of the capture of Major André in September, 1780, this slight volume of just 24 pages, laid out a brief history of the village, focusing on the dramatic events of September 23rd. The volume came with a reproduction map 'of Tarrytown as it was one hundred years... Continue Reading →

Civil War Veterans Magic Lantern Slide

This antique magic lantern slide dates to 1915 and shows Civil War veterans marching through Tarrytown. Half a century after the end of the war, those marching would have been in their 70s or thereabouts. Magic lanterns were wildly popular in the 18th century both in the home and for educational purposes.

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